I still know you from youtube so we’ve been in contact for quite a while now! I remember us being in a few collab groups together and talking about the-ship-that-can’t-be-named haha

so yeah you’re totally one of my “oldest” friends haha <3

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your icon and sidebar give me feels, I will see the movie this week and I am HELLA excited so everytime I see you reblogging something I’m getting even more excited so THANK YOU for that <3

you have an amazing blog, I really it when you appear on my dash. YOU’RE A CUTIE OK GOOD <3

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what can I say, the morrigan to my warden. you’re the only person I can fangirl about that, so that makes me VERY happy haha. you have a LOT of talent and I’m glad you’re showing it to the world (or the fandom? haha) anyways, I love you very much <33

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We’ve been talking for quite some time now and you’re a really nice person. someone who always gets her thoughts out and is very very honest. I love that about you so much, you have no idea! so pls stay that way <3

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you’re an angel. I love your url and I guess you remember us talking about it when I first read it haha (that’s still so funny btw)

you’re so nice and I hope we’ll talk more someday bc whenever I see your url on my dash it brightens up my day so stay as awesome as you are now bb <3

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Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you

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CS + foreshadowing?

I’m not saying … but I’m saying…

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Emma: So, what’s the deal with you and your mom?

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after she dramatically killed bill under tears because he asked her too there’s a jump to the future (three or four years I think) and she’s shown happy and heavily pregant with some man the viewers don’t even get to know so she gets a happy ending

oh wow that’s… unexpected lol


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heroceaneye replied to your post: wait a second is paric endgame? DID IT…

well kinda… they have started their own company together but it actually is just like Fangtasia all over again… so not really but still yes? idek how to explain it

omfg but that’s something! I’m happy they “kinda” ended up together haha

what happened to sookie? do you know?

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