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I don’t  p i l l a g e  and  p l u n d e r  on  the first date, just so you know.

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Emma looking at Killian.

I just wanted to make a gif set of Emma looking at Killian, but while I was doing it I noticed just how much you can see her slowly falling for him. They’ve come so far. And she’s slowly overcoming her fears and letting her walls down for him. It’s written all over her face. And I think that is just beautiful.

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Well, some people use their imagination.

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looks like I’ll stay home again ugh

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Captain Swan kissing + intimacy 


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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Goes Back in Time in Gastown Tonight

Recognize the phone booth from the Motive shoot last week? It’s the same one and suggests tonight’s Once Upon a Time shoot goes back in time. Is Salmgundi in Gastown a 1990s flashback like earlier scenes at the Playland amusement park and a bus stop in east Vancouver. But whose flashback? My guess is a teen Emma Swan. There is so much of her pre-Storybrooke tale to tell.

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Well look at that…

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He freaking did it. Captain Hook just did what no one, not even her parents and Henry, have been able to make her do for the past couple of seasons. All of this talk about “What I wanted, what I thought I could have, just wasn’t in the cards for the savior” and “The Savior doesn’t have the luxury of moments” and all of this stuff she’s been saying about looking for the next fight and how there is always something….he finally made her forget about it all for an evening. He showed her that she can HAVE what she wants. And not only that, when she closed that door and leaned against it after their kiss, she realized she wanted those moments WITH him. - the-lady-swan (x)

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